Remote Desktop Connection on Ad-Hoc LAN


  • You want to: See your PC/laptop screen from your mobile phone
  • But: Your Internet connection is inconsistent and your mobile connection is limited.
  • Solution: Connect to your PC/laptop over Ad-Hoc Network


  • You have Android mobile phone with mobile Internet access (3G) even for a few seconds
  • You have WiFi access on your PC/laptop


  • Install Teamviewer on your PC and Teamviewer Remote Control on your Android phone.
  • Setup AdHoc Network from your Android Phone: “Use this phone as an access point” (see top bar or settings menu)
  • Turn on mobile Internet (3G).
  • On your PC, connect to Wifi generated by your phone with credentials given.
  • Now both phone and PC has internet access over 3G.
  • Open Teamviewer on your PC. Read the code given.
  • Open Teamviewer Remote Control on your phone and enter the code there. Start connection. You will see PC Desktop on your mobile phone’s screen.
  • Now open top bar of your mobile phone and turn off 3G. Don’t turn off Ad-Hoc Network.
  • Now your PC and phone can keep connected even 3G is off.